2021 Parish Pastoral Council Formation Workshops


As part of its ongoing commitment to the formation of parishes, the Parish Renewal Team presented workshops in both the southern and northern regions of the diocese.



Each seminar explained and unpacked the Parish Pastoral Council Constitution and information in the Pastoral Council Handbook. Each of these were initially introduced to the Diocese’s parishes in 2018 and this series of full day workshops built on them in more depth. The seminars took a practical skills-based approach to strengthening parishes’ capabilities and operations and place them on the road to becoming fully formed parishes.



The seminars addressed a range of issues including:


  • The central role of Prayer
  • The role of the Parish Pastoral Council and the difference in roles between it and the Parish Finance Committee
  • Becoming an effective Parish Pastoral Council
  • Working collaboratively
  • What it means to be strategic and operational and the difference between the two
  • Elements of good pastoral planning