The mission of the NCPR is to assist the Catholic Church in Australia at all levels in understanding the cultural, social and personal dimensions of religion in the changing contemporary context. The Centre analyses census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and produces national, diocesan and parish level reports on the Catholic population. It produces a free monthly newsletter,

Project Summary

The Building Stronger Parishes research project of the NCPR explores how Catholic parishes, in various contexts, use their strengths and available resources to respond to a variety of challenges. Particular emphasis is given to stories of vitality and hope that bring life to their communities and have an underlying foundation in an ecclesiology of communion.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) is the national body of the Bishops of Australia. On this site you will find information and links for individual bishops and dioceses, as well as for the Bishops Commissions and their secretariats and agencies that are charged with carrying forward various aspects of the Church’s mission in Australia. You will also find links to other bodies within the Church, both in Australia and internationally.

The Pastoral Research Office undertakes and coordinates a vast range of research projects of importance to Australia’s Catholics

Are you a member of your Parish Pastoral Council? You probably have many questions, such as: Why do we have PPCs? What do they do? What is my role? How should the meetings be run? Now the Australian Catholic Bishops have provided answers to these questions and many more on their new website for Parish Pastoral Councils.

The diocese is structured into eighteen areas, called Partnerships. Each Partnership area is a group of parishes agreeing to work together, to share resources, both human and material, to become stronger and better equipped for furthering the Kingdom of God.