Sr Margaret Scharf OP joins the Parish Renewal Team

Ongoing adult faith formation should be at the centre of our faith and our Catholic community. It is difficult to grow in our understanding of our faith without access to instruction and formation. As individuals we are often at different levels of understanding of our Catholic faith, yet when we come together as a faith community there seems to be an assumption we are somewhat homogeneous and all share the same beliefs and understandings in the very same way to each other. However, this is often not the case.

Sr Margaret Sharf OP is the Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation for the Archdiocese’s Pastoral Plan. In the spirit of collaboration, and because it just makes sense, Sr Margaret and the Parish Renewal team have recently commenced meeting together more formally. Sr Margaret will be supporting the progress of parish Hubs by working with parishes and Hubs on the fundamentals of formation.

Sr Margaret, who will be featured in an upcoming article, is a member of the Dominican Sisters of WA and is currently the director of the Dominican Institute for Spirituality. She returned to Perth last year after 17 years in the United States. She is a retreat guide and spiritual director, including the formation of spiritual directors, and presenter of adult faith formation programs to parish groups and school staff. Her past ministries include primary education and administration, Motor Mission, and the training of catechists in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands.

Sr Margaret has an infectious personality and speaks to the heart of all Catholics. She is a very welcome visitor to our Parish Renewal Team and her presence reminds us that that everything we do for the glory of God we must do together.

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