Joondanna Plans for the Future

Joondanna Parish is part of the Hub including the parishes of Glendalough, Mt Lawley, Highgate and the Ordinariate of the Southern Cross. This was the first group of parishes to identify formally as a Hub and continues to grow in its strength.

At the regional parish meetings held in May this year, the concept of Parish Pastoral Planning was discussed and parishes were encouraged to take a broad and long term approach to planning their development and growth. Furthermore, it was suggested that in order to be a part a HUB a parish really needed to know itself, where it was currently placed and its vision for the future.

Joondanna Parish has embraced this and in early September the Pastoral Council met to commence the process. It was a facilitated session which commenced with a simple formation of the group itself. A time to get to know each other more deeply and share their aspirations and vison for their parish. The gathering was centred in prayer throughout the various stages of the morning.

The Pastoral Council will be meeting again in late October and, together with the facilitator, will be exploring in more depth the details of the current functioning of the parish, its strengths and weaknesses, dreams for the future and to make tangible and concrete plans for how to turn God’s plan for the parish into reality.

Any parish needing assistance with pastoral planning is invited to ring Mr Renay Grech at the Archdiocesan Office on 6104 3600

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