Collaboration for Discernment

We are  called to work together
and the first work we undertake
 is to discern the plan, the priorities God has for us.


For the past the past two years the Parish Renewal team has focused on Parish Pastoral Councils. Specifically, we have encouraged Pastoral Councils to form Parish Hubs, so to share with each other their ideas, initiatives and being an encouragement to each other.

Presently fifty-one city parishes in various degrees are engaged in our Hub initiative of parish collaboration.

While we continue to progress parish Hubs, we now have a new exciting focus. We are bringing the same principles of collaboration to all parishioners of our parishes. Just as the majority of our Pastoral Councils are seeing the benefits of collaborating with each other, so too we have designed a ‘package’ for Lent that invites all parishioners to reflect, pray and discern on how each one of us is called to collaborate with others. Each person is called in their own way, with their own abilities to be an active part of their parish.

The Lenten ‘Package’ is being trialled with one parish Hub and at a diocesan Gathering of all the Hubs in late May 2020, we will present a review of the trial.

There will be regular updates posted on our parish renewal website on the progress of the trial.

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